Cloud Backup Reviews

Backups are a must for any computer user. But backing up your data and keeping it in your home may not be the best option. What if someone breaks in and steals your PC and your backup? Or what if a fire rips through your home? Your PC and your backup will both be gone forever. The safest place to store your digital information is the cloud.

Here are our top 3 cloud backup services:

Top Cloud Backup Services
Editor choice CrashPlan


Summary CrashPlan is a comprehensive online backup service that seems to do it all and does it very quickly as well. ...

Best price 2 Backblaze


Summary Backblaze makes backing up easy! For many, this is an ideal online backup solution - just a few clicks and the ...

Best seller 3 Carbonite


Summary Carbonite online backup is one of the best known cloud backup services on the market today. But just because ...

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With the cloud storage options available today you’ll find keeping your data safe is easy and affordable (less than $1/wk!). There are dozens of online backup services out there today. How can you tell which is the one for you? We’re here to help. Take a look at our reviews and find the service that’s right for you.