Mozy vs. Carbonite

Stop! Before you signup for a Carbonite online backup account, look how it compares to Mozy:

Mozy Carbonite Winner
Free Account 2GB for life Only 2 weeks Mozy
Paid Storage Space Unlimited Unlimited Tie
Monthly Cost $4.95 Not an option Mozy
Annual Cost $46.29 $54.95 - almost 20% more Mozy
Discount Code 15% None Mozy
Automatically backs up videos Yes! No - must be manually selected Mozy
Limits Upload Speed No - backup as much as you can Yes uploads limited to 2GB / day after 50GB has been uploaded Mozy
Support for external, networked or USB drives Yes* No - cannot backup external, networked or USB drives Mozy
Individual Filesize Limit Unlimited - backup any size file you have 4GB Mozy
Restore from DVD Yes, for an additional fee No - even if you restore your entire PC, you must restore via the web Mozy

The choice is clear - backup your data with Mozy

* Fixed external drives can be backed up with MozyHome. Removable external drives require MozyPro

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