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Reviewed Mar 2, 2012

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  • Simple drag and drop restore option
  • Offers the capability to "search" backup sets
  • Quick and helpful phone support

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  • Interface is confusing and time consuming to learn
  • May slow down your PC and make shutdown a problem
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IDrive is an online storage provider that has both affordability and support on its side. IDrive offers a free 2 GB account and for $4.95/mo you can get 150 GB of storage space! While not unlimited, this is a very high amount of storage space and more than the average user will ever use.

IDrive offers fast and knowledgeable phone and chat support too; something not available from a lot of the other online backup service providers and often essential when learning to use a new program.

Another plus of IDrive is that they offer a drag and drop restore option which does make restoring files a bit simpler; however, this capability is available for restoring files only. This is still a unique option among many of the online backup services though and does make up a bit for the difficult interface.

IDrive is able to continue uploads after lost connections, whereas some providers must begin uploading the file(s) all over again if there is a break in the connection. This feature definitely saves time and hassle and makes the system more reliable.

Security is also a plus with IDrive. It will encrypt your data before leaving your computer and then again when it's stored. You keep the key/password, but if you lose it, your files are gone too. There is no option offered in which IDrive keeps the key.

Mac support is something not offered by IDrive, which unfortunately isn't surprising; many services don't work with Macs. IDrive also doesn't offer web restore capabilities to Windows Vista users.

Unfortunately, IDrive won't be easy to use for most people. The interface is very confusing and difficult to understand at first, and therefore will require additional time to learn and setup for the majority of users.

IDrive also can be a drain on your PC and inhibit the use of the machine while uploads are taking place. Generally uploads are quick though and there is a feature in which you can adjust how much "juice" is going to IDrive vs. the rest of your running programs.

IDrive can be a great option for some people, but, it really depends on how much time you want to spend learning to use an online backup program, because once the interface is understood, IDrive can make a great online back up solution for home or business.

IDrive Unlimited offers unlimited backups for $49.50 / year for 1 PC. Read more about IDrive Unlimited or signup now

  1. iDrive does now have a Mac option…(4/11)

  2. We setup BackupProtect for this type of situation. With all the natural disasters in New Zealand recently we have been able to provide backup insurance for every eventuality.

  3. They offer teachers and students a discount :-))

  4. get 6GB free : Link:

  5. 1. IDrive is SUPERFAST – backed up 20GB in less than 2 days, and I have just a plain broadband connection2. Their 24×7 technical support via chat was very helpful in the 2 times I needed assistance; they even remoted to my machine to find the mistake I made. I appreciate good, always available technical support.3. I tested restore – and it was superfast too.get 6GB free…

  6. My internet connection seemed very slow, then I realized the only thing I had recently installed was Idrive.

    • Any online backup service will slow down your connection while you’re backing up files. Either the connection is used to backup files, or the files aren’t backed up quickly.

  7. In my recent experience their reliablility is questionable.

  8. They have the very best interface in the industry. If you can use explorer, you will find it very similar to it. When you restore your machine, you must turn off the upload until you have restored everything. It is very logic that you should not overwrite your backup with your “empty” newly installed PC!!! They are FAST and reliable. No other service can match their price with the features they offer. Be aware that many services limit your file-size, thus yout large pst might never get backed up.

  9. Backup storage is on of the best great deals that you can find through the internet that can give us quality type of storage.

  10. After I have tested a plenty of services, I consider IDrive is handy, has a full-feature user app, speed on backing up, really great and comprehensive support in real time. On the other hand, never get close to a service called Just Cloud (I don’t have words to say how terrible is this service, support = zero).

  11. WATCH OUT! your “free” trial is not really free if you decide to try an upgrade. After using idrive for a few months I decided to upgrade for more space, even after when reaching the 5gb the software sent my pc into a frenzy. I upgraded and also receive new software (the old software is also used by many other backup solutions, hardly unique but same flaws) I deleted the old idrive and removed the software and installed the new version. Started the backup and it would never complete. It would hand around 37-45% and not go any further. After realizing they used canned software, the issue when reaching the limit and freezing my pc, and the new software not backing up beyond 37-45% (only had to back up 7gb) I decided that within 12 hours of purchase I wanted a refund. Guess what!? They say that you are only eligible for a refund from the time you start your free trial!!!!!! So if after 15day of a free trial and on day 16 you decide to upgrade for more space but it doesn’t work. TOO BAD!!! NO REFUND!! because you are only eligible for a refund the first 15 days of use even though it is a free trial. The free trial period is your refund window. They say it’s in the small print. I call it deceptive marketing.

  12. BEWARE of iDrive’s billing policies when you upgrade to the paid version!!! I had a problem with running the old v3.4.1 software on Windows Server 2008, so their tech support told me to cancel my account and open a new account and get v5 software, and they would refund the original account for me. I did that, but a month later they had not refunded the old account. They told me they could not refund it, because (a) they counted the 15 days from the start of my free account, not the day I upgraded to the paid version!, and (b) they had no record of my chat session with tech support. I pointed out that they had charged me for two different versions of their software in a one week period, how could that be right?! But my tough luck, they would not refund for the old version that I used for two days and had to remove due to iDrive’s problems on Server 2008.

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