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Reviewed Apr 19, 2011
Last Updated Jan 24, 2013

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  • Simple system for verifying which files are backed up
  • One low price ($59/year) for unlimited personal or business accounts
  • 10% Off Coupon
  • 15-day Free trial with no credit card required

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  • Upload speed slows as you upload more data
  • When performing backup, system omits videos by default
  • No option for monthly billing
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Carbonite online backup is one of the best known cloud backup services on the market today. But just because they're well-known, does it mean they're the best solution?

Since we launched Carbonite in 2005, we've backed up nearly 200 billion files. Today we back up more than 300 million files every day. More importantly, we have restored over 7 billion files that would have been lost forever without us.
Almost 70% of the people who try Carbonite purchase a subscription within the first two weeks. 78% of our Carbonite Home customers say that they would recommend Carbonite to a friend or family member.


Carbonite makes getting started backing up your data online easy. The installation process is simple, after giving your computer a name (useful if you have multiple computers in the same account) and choosing the type of computer you're backing up (Desktop, Laptop, or Server), you can then have Carbonite automatically complete the set-up process (including which files to backup, when to backup, and how to encrypt the data (128-bit Blowfish encryption is standard)) or choose these options yourself.

Carbonite also, at this time, informs you of what types of files are not automatically backed up, which include videos, executable files, and files larger than 4GB. These files can be manually selected, and Carbonite shows you how.

Also, the installer tells you that files on your external hard drives will not be backed up, unless you're subscribed to the HomePlus or HomePremier version of Carbonite.

Finally, Carbonite explains how you can tell if a file is backed up, based on the dot icon overlay in Windows or the Mac OS.


Carbonite Set-up: Personalize Your Carbonite Subscription Carbonite Set-up: Choose online backup settings Carbonite Set-up: Carbonite will begin backing up your files Carbonite Set-up: Manually backup up anything else

Note: During your free trial period, Carbonite does not automatically select your music or video files. When you upgrade to the paid subscription your music and short video files are added to the backup (if they were previously selected).


The settings tab within the Carbonite InfoCenter allows you to specify the backup schedule (continuously (recommended), once per day, or only certain different hours).

Additionally, you can choose whether or not you want the colored dots showing you what's backed up (and what's not), what files you'd like to backup, and how much bandwidth you want your uploads to use.

Carbonite: Settings Carbonite: Edit Settings

Backing Up

Backing up your data with Carbonite is straightforward - there's not much to do here, except you have the option to freeze your backup, which is useful if you're trying to do something else online (like chatting on Skype) and your backup is taking up too much bandwidth.

You can see your Carbonite backup running, and how many files are left to backup. There's a quick link for "How long will this take?", which directs users to this help file. However, its important to note that Carbonite throttles (or limits) your upload speeds.

For the first 200 GB of data, you're limited to 2 mbps (megabits per second). After that, you're limited to just 100 kbps (kilobits per second).

To figure out how long your backup will take,
try our Carbonite Upload Speed Calculator

Carbonite: Backup Carbonite: Frozen Backup

Carbonite uses colored dots as an overlay on your files, so you can quickly see what files are backed up and which are not.

Colored Dots in Carbonite

To add a file to the backup set, just right-click and choose Carbonite > Back this up.

Right-click to add files to the backup set

Restoring Data

If you need to restore data, you have a few options. You can either search for the file you need, browse your backup, or just restore everything.

Carbonite Backup DriveCarbonite creates a virtual drive, the Carbonite Backup Drive, which shows you your backed up files and files that are pending backup. You can browse this drive, and your backed up files, just like navigating your own local computer.

Carbonite Restore Carbonite Backup Drive

Carbonite keeps old versions of your files for up to three months. However, it does not keep every single version over three months. One version of the file is kept for each day of the past week, plus one version for each week (of the previous three weeks) and one version per month (of the previous two months). Confused? This graphic will help:


If you happen to delete a file from your computer, you have 30 days to restore it, before it's deleted from Carbonite's servers. Remember, Carbonite is online backup, not online storage.

Carbonite also throttles your download speeds, although not as much as when uploading data. Restores transfer data at 10 mbps, allowing you to download up to 100 GB per day.


Carbonite SupportCarbonite offers many support options, including getting started tutorials, videos, and how-to guides.

If Carbonite's online support doesn't solve your problem, they offer live chat, Remote assistance, phone and email support


Carbonite has three home-user products:

  1. Home
    • $59 per computer per year
    • Automatic, unlimited, encrypted backup
    • Anytime, anywhere access to your files
    • US-Based Customer Support
  2. HomePlus
    • $99 per computer per year
    • Home features, plus:
    • External hard drive support
    • Mirror image backup
  3. HomePremier
    • $149 per computer per year
    • HomePlus features, plus:
    • Automatic video backup
    • Courier recovery service

Additional Features

Mirror Image Backup

Backup not just your documents, but your applications and operating system as well to a local hard drive. Mirror Image Backup is available to HomePlus and HomePremier customers.

Currents / Sync

New to Carbonite (as of January, 2013) is Currents, Carbonite's file sync program. Like Dropbox or Mozy's Stash, Currents will keep files up-to-date between multiple computers.


Mobile Apps

Carbonite's mobile app allows you to browse, view, and share the files backed up to your Carbonite account. In addition, the app for Android & iOS (iPhone, iPad) backs up your photos & videos and the Android app allows you to protect your phone if it is lost or stolen.

Carbonite iPhone App: Welcome Screen Carbonite iPhone App: Login Carbonite iPhone App: Select the Computer to Access Carbonite iPhone App: File List Carbonite iPhone App: View Image

Carbonite Android App Carbonite Android App: File list Carbonite Android App: Playing an MP3

Sharing Files

Files from your Carbonite backup can be shared with others, but only via the mobile apps. Oddly enough, you cannot share a file from your desktop: you need to go to the mobile app to share a file from your desktop.

Receiving file shared via Carbonite


Carbonite has one of the few unlimited online backup services available today, although upload speeds are limited. However, they are transparent about this fact, so you know what you're getting into.

As far as mainstream cloud backup services go, Carbonite is the one you'll see most often. For a limited time, Carbonite is running a Refer A Friend Program and by clicking here you can earn a $20 gift card when you subscribe to Carbonite Home. Read the Official Rules for details

  1. Carbonite would be a good product if it was not for the fact that it does not backup automatically movie files. I am not talking about huge DVD copies, but of simple video files of a few MB taken with a simple digital camera. Sure you can spend time going in each folder and selecting the files for backup, but it is an absolute pain to do so and I always forgot files here and there. There is of course no possibility to select a folder and expect that all contained video files would be backed up. I used the product for 2 years and then tired of this problem changed provider.

  2. Slow, slow, slow. Even after several WEEKS it hadn’t finished backing up all my files and I don’t have THAT much. I had it for a year and backups were never completed. I talked to support repeatedly and they never could figure out why my backup was never complete.

    • I agree havetried Carbonite for a short while and it was really complicated the backupprocess took a long time, especially with OutlookFiles you can’t locate them, and you have to manually go deep in the system toselect them!!!Imagine the time that will take. I did extensive research tell recentlyI came into Timeline Cloud, they backup to Amazon S3 which is safer plus theyhave cloud disaster recovery which makes me feel safer all under high level ofencryption. Definitely recommend checking them out. You can check them here:

    • I agree have tried Carbonite for a short while and it was really complicated the backupprocess took a long time, especially with Outlook Files you can’t locate them, you have to manually go deep in the system to select them!!!Imagine the time that will take

  3. It’s the biggest hassle I have ever encountered. It’s great to back up and know its there I get that. But try restoring. How about going to the website and logging in and trying to find a file to restore. There is no preview, you can not see what photo DCSN2001 is. And for some reason I have a directory tree that is so f-ed up with three copies of all my files. Here is the easiest thing you could possible do. But 2 hard drives. Copy all your files to both drives. Mail one of the drives to your mother in Ohio. Done. Do that once a year and your good. Carbonite is so frigging slow and such a huge hassle. I have been restoring my three copies of everything thing for 5 days now. I have 15,000 files restored and I have to get to 24,000. I hate this!

    • Sorry, a bit late, but I laughed at this one… “you can not see what photo DCSN2001″ Maybe you should have labeled what the picture was “Jp Myers taking it in the butt.jpg”

  4. Carbonite’s backup process runs quietly in the background, although it can be very slow unless you leave it open full-throttle when you have idle time. The worst part for me was the restoration when I lost my HD. The Mac App is looks like it was designed by a lazy Microsoft coder in 10 minutes. There is almost no detail, when there is a large number of files it pushes the label displaying the current filesize off the screen, it freezes mid-restore and doesn’t tell you which files were restored and which weren’t so you have to start the entire restoration all over again.Because of these limitations I found myself up all night restoring my files directory by directory, hoping that when it stopped on a specific number of files that it was just a large file it was downloading and not frozen. There is no way to tell.At the very least I think the following features should have been included:- Show, in a file list, which files were successfully restored.- Show progress bar per file or at least file details (name and size).- Current download speed or some type of timer other than a global progress bar.

    • Another missing function in Carbonite is backing up from external harddrives. I have many photos on an external harddrive which Carbonite will not backup and that’s the stuff I am mostly concerned with. Thumbs down Carbonite . . . .

      • Compare their Home plans – the HomePlus and HomePremier includes Ext. HDD Backup and even Mirror Image Backup.

      • Windows 7 at least offers the option to image your hard drive to an external drive, I use carbonite and an image to make sure my data is safe. The image has every file in the event that the hard drive fails. Hopefully the carbonite incremental file backups will fill in the gaps. I image every week to one drive then the next week to a second drive………………cheap insurance

  5. So after several years using Carbonite on multiple machines I had the inevitable hard drive failure. No problem! I have Carbonite!! So I replaced the hard drive, installed a new OS (Windows 7, I had XP previously) reinstalled all the programs (that were Win 7 compatible) and then I asked Carbonite to restore everything it had backed up at the point I lost the drive. After 4 days of downloading data I finally got all my emails, documents, music files, spreadsheets, and photos, but to my horror I had NO FLIP VIDEOS. In addition to all the home videos of the grand children I had also been working on a documentary (shot completely with Flip Video) and all my raw footage was on that drive (yeah I know, really really stupid but… HEY, I HAD CARBONITE SO WHY WORRY?) Why oh why in the wide wide world of sports would Carbonite EXCLUDE all video files??? I read where Carbonite “warned” me to manually select the folders with video if I wanted to back them up (as if I WOULDN’T want to back them up) but I don’t read all the dumb a s s fine print on everything I agree to on the web and doubt 99% of the people do. I now see in the Carbonite FAQ section that I should have known that video files and files larger than 4 GB are NOT backed up unless manually selected. HERE’S A SUGGESTION….. Dear Carbonite When I first back up a computer’s hard drive give me a list of files NOT backed up (e.g. video files and files larger than 4 GB) and then ASK ME if I want them backed up or not. This documentary footage was shot over a two year period, involved two trips to Las Vegas, one to Nashville, and six to San Antonio. They were shot backstage at 20+ concerts involving several dozen artists and is IRREPLACEABLE. I am so glad however that all the sample jpg photos included in windows (like the sunset, the Jellyfish, and the chrysanthemum) were important enough to back up, but my FREAKIN VIDEOS were not. I can’t believe I actually had banner ads on my websites promoting this service. My last hope is that the guy trying to “repair and recover” my orginal hard drive has success. Shame on you Carbonite. Your quest for limiting the size of my backup (how much would that have cost these days? $1.02?) has ruined my documentary. Karl the Roadie

    • Karl,Sorry you found out about Carbonite’s video policy the hard way. Hopefully your experiences will inform others.

    • Is not fine print, it says very, very clearly on the product that it does not backup video files unless you specifically tell it to do so. This is not hidden information. I think you just breezed through install of the product without due diligence.

    • If you reviewed the plans at all, which I found to be blatantly obvious – the HomePremier plan automatically backs up video files. Maybe you should have chosen that option? Your comments seem a little unreasonable.

      • Home Premier wasn’t an option until a couple of months ago (Carbonite Announces Home Plus and Home Premier).

      • Adam,I just looked at Carbonite ‘plans’ on their website, I looked at Carbonite’s page that compares the plans and looked around the website some more and NEVER saw anything that says videos are not part of the complete backup with the basic ‘home’ plan.

  6. I’m a Mozy defector who was unhappily surprised by their sudden dropping of unlimited backup. In the couple of months I’ve had Carbonite, I like it equally well to mozy in terms of functionality. Carbonite’s policy about what is automatically (or not) backed up is quite clear. Quite simply, you have to read it and adjust your backup plan accordingly. They even have in-explorer color dots to show what’s backed up, what’s pending, etc. If you don’t see green dots by your precious video files, ADD THEM! Not Carbonite’s fault, people.Satisfied (so far) new carbonite inductee

  7. Hey,, thank you! I found your site incredibly helpful and informative, and decided to go with Carbonite. However, your “Carbonite offer code” link isn’t linked… I’ll have to go somewhere else to get the discount. Just thought you’d want to know!

  8. I’ve had Carbonite for about 6 months. I’ve used it twice for restoring lost files. Worked great. However, I will not be renewing my plan with Carbonite due to it’s bandwith throttling. I have 120GB backed up but had to stop backing up my videos due to the extreme throttling. Going with Crashplan which DOES NOT throttle.

    • Agreed with above. I have been using Carbonite for nearly 2 years since they offer unlmiited. My backup set is about 80GB but since my ISP will be moving from ADSL (1Mbs upload) to fibre (20Mbs upload) the Carbonite throttling becomes my bottleneck. I am now researching others and basing my decision on upload speed as well as pricing bundles

  9. Hey my hard drive failed a couple weeks ago.

  10. Unbelievable how bad Carbonite mishandled its simple task! Had total laptop hdd failure & really needed this to work for me, but stunned to find how unintelligent the backup service is with regard to file revisions. It gave absolutely no consideration to the fact that I had reordered my files multiple times as I culled and refined my filing system. This resulted in massive duplications of files with no way to tell which were newer. I am currently in the process of downloading them in small groups to check & restore them. Was surprised that Carbonite won’t allow me to download more than 1024mb at a time when NOT using the auto-restore function. This results in me having to do a lot of keeping tracking to see what’s already been restored, and makes a simple job a lot harder than it has to be. The next inconceivable disappointment came when I discovered that even though I’m paying for this service, it doesn’t automatically back up video files unless you buy the top-of-the-line version! I have literally lost ALL my video clips I’ve taken with my camera. Additionally, while hand-checking my downloaded backups, I discovered that an entire folder’s worth of pdf and jpg files had filesizes of zero. There was no failure message from Carbonite, and all the files appeared to be present. I wouldn’t have even thought to check every single file by hand except that I began to distrust this system once I realized how unsophisticated it is. I have spent the last two days working non-stop on this issue, and I would advise anyone considering Carbonite to be extremely cautious if you decide to use it. You MUST manually instruct it to back up video files (even in already backed-up directories) and apparently, you must also manually check every single restored file to make sure nothing has been corrupted.

    • It seems like your inability to read simple instructions posted all over the website and clearly stated in the install/setup procedure coupled with what I can only think is some form of mild neurosis is really where you’re problem lies.

  11. Carbonite has now added TWO more plans – HomePlus and HomePremiere which both offer unlimited backup of network and external drives! This makes all the difference in the world!!

  12. I’m one year in, and 55% of my drive is backed up (which has almost 770 GB of files, mainly photos).

    • Sorry to hear you tried to upload so much data with Carbonite! Our Carbonite Upload Speed Calculator says this is going to take over 600 days to backup! Make sure you check to see if all files are actually uploaded, once it finishes later this year.

      • Wow – did you just say to check the files later this year

        • Based on other users’ comments, many people think files are backed up, only to find they are not (specifically videos)

  13. Carbonite has held my data hostage for 6 days and I don’t know if I’ll ever get it back.

  14. for those of you complaining and not exploring your computers abilities, all of you, absolutely all of you should go into a video file or a file with a prticular extenssion, say.. a file witha .exe or .iso or .avi or whatever extenssion . right click it and chooose propperties. then you will see a tab called carbonite . select that tab and it will tell you “include files of this type (within folders selected for back up)” . tick the freaking thing on and now every time you have a new video or whatever and its in a folder that you wish to back up you will never complain like that again.

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  16. I signed up about 3 months ago and like others my first 200gb was fine but now I’ve got about 250gb of family videos still to go. Since its been throttled down I’ll be lucky if it finishes in the another year…whats the point? If you have anything in excess of a couple hundred gb find another service. I’m definitely looking and will not be renewing with Carbonite.

  17. Yeah, I’m not sure how successful some of those ideas could be…like free music :) But you never know, we could see some real progression in file storage and other areas mentioned. We’ll just have to see!

  18. I had been using Carbonite for about 2 years on OSX. I don’t have any experience with WIndows, so this is a rant limited to OSX.It started of well enough. It wasn’t amazing, but I thought, what the heck, for $59 a year, it’s worth it. After uploading non-stop for months and months, I finally had all my data online. I thought, ‘great, now it should be sailing along’. Unfortunately not…The performance of Carbonite is really bad on the Mac. On my Quad core 2.1GHz, it takes around 120% during normal backup mode. That’s more than 1 of my cores gone just for Carbonite! I know exactly when Carbonite is backing up: no need for a status bar, just listen to my fans revving up.This became so bad that I had to pause Carbonite whilst working as I often need to run a lot of processor intensive software, so I need every bit of power I can get. Unfortunately, that also meant that I started falling behind on backups. So I let it run again, but since I was over 200GB by this point, Carbonite throttled the upload speed.I even took the laptop to the office as one of my colleagues managed to back up over 200GB to Crashplan in about a week on the office internet. No such luck for me as Carbonite throttled the upload. I produced data faster than Carbonite could handle…For the past 6 months, the amount of files waiting to be backed up just didn’t go down.A few days ago, I came across Backblaze. After a bit of research, it seemed sensible to at least try it. Boy, what a difference! In the 4 days I’ve had Backblaze running, it backed up more data than Carbonite over the past few months! On top of that: it hardly uses any CPU! It’s quietly doing it’s job, just the way it should be.I contacted Carbonite to cancel my subscription and requested a pro-rated refund, but I got an email ‘apologising’ that they can’t do that with a link to their refund policy (basically: sorry, but no). That will teach me to sign up with a service for several years (I signed up to a 3 year offer which was effectively costing only 2 years of service).To anybody using OSX and considering Carbonite: save yourself the trouble. Use Backblaze or Crashplan. Similar (or lower) price and better service.Bye Carbonite, you won’t be missed.

  19. Right now I’m very dissatisfied with Carbonite. I want to like it but I signed up in May and am still only 65% backed up. The initial “free trial” period backup up about 35%. I thought that was kind of slow but acceptable. At that rate I would be backed up in 3 mos right? Wrong, it has taken six months to back up the next 30%. At this rate I’m wondering if I’ll be backed up before my renewal date in May. I feel like I’ve paid for a service I’m not getting.

  20. A WARNING TO FELLOW AUSTRALIANS. I think that people who are not in the USA should BE VERY WARY OF UPLOADING DATA TO CARBONITE DURING THE TRIAL PERIOSD. I did and used a lot of my monthly allowance. I then attempted to purchase Carbonite well before the trial expiry date. They said I couldn’t use the Visa card that I use for everything else, in many countires around the world! They were unable to deal with my visa card from a well known bank here. My bank investigated, even involving the fraud department as they said they don’t ususally block suppliers. The bank said that there was a syStem error that wasn’t theirs (the banks). I explained all of this as part of onging communication with Carbonite’s customer “support”. They then told me that their accounts department had suggested that I go and puchase an American Express card because they were unable to deal with my visa card!!!! I just told them to delete my data and I have since found a better options.

  21. DO NOT USE CARBONITE. Pete at Carbonite actually went into my computer and disabled my ability to back up my computer. I have MS Server 2003 on my home computer and had installed carbonite for back up. When I called to combine all 3 of my home computer subscriptions, Pete argued with me that my server could not be on a home account and that it would not work. I explained it worked fine & had been backing up for quite a while now. He was quite annoyed so I decided to call back at a later time and talk to someone with a better grasp on customer service and how to speak to people. That night my computer/server ceased to back up and has never backed up again. I called, I emailed, I was hung up on. I tried diligently to resolve this. All I wanted was to combine all 3 of my subscriptions. 8 weeks later my next computer stopped backing up, this I am sure because they have a terrible service. When I called again to try and get a credit and cancel, I was told that there would be no credit, that I must have uninstalled the software for it not to be working, and when I asked to speak to the supervisor’s supervisor, she told me they were all like her and there was nothing she or anyone would do for me. I explained again how Pete had disabled my computer’s back up and she acknowledged they do have access to my computer. She very sarcastically offered to transfer me to an IT person that would help me correct whatever “I” had done to disable my computer or she could cancel my subscription with absolutely no refunds. I can think of no other way to describe them but, disgusting, horrific, and brattish. Do NOT allow these punks access to your computers or data.

  22. Hilarious comment!!!

    I signed up for carbonite premium unlimited plan in Feburary 2012 for a 3-years term.
    Yesterday (March 2013), I came home and my house was broken into and my computer was stolen. Obviously, this was a huge bummer, but thank goodness I have carbonite…(so I thought!).
    Come to find out, carbonite is so SLOW at backing up data that after a year of backing up they had only backed up 50% of my data.
    So now I’m SCREWED…don’t count on carbonite is my only advice!!!

    (ps. after speaking to carbonite management about the issue, they were sorry, but not sorry enough to offer any type of pro-rated refund to me for their mistake…they have a NO REFUND policy….and will not let me out of my remaining 2 years……please don’t make the same mistake I did and trust my data with Carbonite!!!)

    Enjoy your day

  24. I was a long time use of Carbonite. I thought online backup was a great insurance plan against the inevitable. When my PC crashed I was relieved that my data was backed up. That was until I reinstalled Cabonite. If you choose to reinstall instead of restore, your data can be irrevocably deleted. After many phone calls and promises I was told there was nothing they could do. They told me it was all my fault for choosing to download instead of restore. No where on the website was there any type of warning to suggest that by choosing one and not the other that there was no turning back.

    It felt very much like getting homeowners insurance, having a fire, and being told that because I filled out the wrong claim form, I’m homeless.

    They offered me a free year of additional service. I don’t see any value in a service that I can’t trust to fulfill it’s only promise when I need it the most.

    Buyer beware.


    I’ve found out Carbonite erroneously report that back up is up-to-date when in fact I got several files created and/or modified during the last 24 hours which are not backed up. Some of the files would appear to have the yellow dot and some appear with the green dot.

    This is bad if the hard drive fails or dies and there were files created or modified the previous day.

    If you use Carbonite for backup reliability or convenience (that is relying on Carbonite to keep track of files changed/created and selecting them to get backed up for you), it actually fails to do its job. Don’t believe when it says your back up is up-to-date.

    This may not be much of a problem for home users who may not do a lot of changes to their files on a daily basis. But for businesses this is a serious reliability issue.

  26. So a program I use went awry and created a 0 byte data file. Carbonite backed up the 0 byte file, and when I attempted to restore the the damaged file, Carbonite restored another 0 byte file. As the restored data file was not working for unknown reasons I moved it to another directory. I then attempted to restore a fresh file — it was gone from my backup! I hoped that Carbonite would have saved some older versions and called support. They advised me that no older versions existed because when I moved my restored file, all prior backups were destroyed.
    So, here are a few suggestions. 1) Don’t backup a 0 byte without warning the user. 2)Don’t back up a 0 byte file if the previous similarly named file was not 0 bytes. Warn the user. 3)Should a user move a file from one directory to another, the old version backups should follow. 4)Please don’t tell me that the problem was my failure to freeze my backup. Shouldn’t backups be automatically frozen during restore procedures?
    Wish this were the only problem I’ve had over my subscription but it isn’t. Time to say goodbye.

  27. I had this product but it backed up 5 Mb in 4 weeks. (So it would have taken 20 years to complete the backup!). Their support team were unable to fix it, so I had to say goodbye.

  28. To claim “unlimited” backup is stretching the truth at best and a blatant lie in reality. Once you have reached their limit (which is not easily found or clearly disclosed when you sign up), the backup becomes so slow as to be entirely worthless….so it is not unlimited, it is really 250 gb max….beyond that it is an entirely worthless product…don’t waste your time or money if you have even a moderate amount of data to backup….250 gb is really a small amount if you have any image files….this is a one star product at best..

  29. After having Carbonite on 3 computers for years I finally needed there service…. I lost all my priceless pictures. I did not panic though… I had Carbonite. It took TWO MONTHS and three 3 hour tech support calls to get my pictures back!!! The worst experience that I have ever had dealing with ANY company. Very deceptive practices. The restore of my pictures was painfully slow, so I called tech support… they said it was my internet connection speed. I called my internet provider and doubled my speed… That resulted in NO change in restore speed. I came to the end of my one year subscription (after 1.75 months of trying to restore my pictures) and even though I did not want to renew my subscription, I FORCED to in order to continue my restore and get my pictures back. I SWEAR, as soon as I hit the renew button and they charged me for another year the restore speed quadrupled!!!… The remainder (about a third of the total restore) finished in 1.5 days… ONE and a half days!!!!… all that they wanted was more of my money!!! Look at their refund policy… NO REFUNDS!!! Please do not give them your business!!!

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