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Reviewed Mar 2, 2012

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  • Valet Setup service
  • Anytime Anywhere access to your data
  • No per-computer licensing fees
  • Free 30-day trial

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  • No unlimited option
  • Can be costly for companies with lots of data
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Carbonite's Small Business and Premier Business backup differ from their home-user product in that you buy a fixed amount of backup space, but share that amongst unlimited computers.



Once you've signed up for Carbonite's Small Business backup, you can start inviting users to download the software to backup their computers. Installation takes about 10 minutes per machine and does not require users to close their open applications or restart their computer. Most of the default settings are fine for the majority of small business operations.

However, if you need help, Carbonite can remotely access your computer and install the software for you (they call it Valet Setup).


With Carbonite Small Business backup, your computer will automatically and continuously be backed up to Carbonite's data center in "the cloud." Carbonite will automatically back up

  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Email
  • POS files
  • Pictures, photos & graphics
  • Videos
  • Financial & accounting files
  • CRM files
  • and more

Carbonite Business Backup DashboardAll files of these types that are saved in the Users folder will be backed up automatically. If there's a file you want backed up that's not in the User's folder, you'll have to add it manually.

Like all online backup services, Carbonite Small Business does not back up applications and operating system files.

If you wish to backup SQL Server or Exchange Server data, you need to first purchase Carbonite's Business Premier service, then read how to backup SQL Server and how to backup Exchange email with Carbonite.

Unlike their home product, with the small business backup you can back up external hard drives.


You can easily restore your data with Carbonite Small Businesses backup by using the client software, or by logging into the Carbonite website. Carbonite will keep deleted files for 30 days. During that time, you can access the files either via the client software or website and have them downloaded back to your computer.

If you have to do a full restore, ordering a hard drive may be a time-saving move. Carbonite Business customers can have a copy of their backup shipped to them on an external hard drive.

Remote Access

Carbonite Anytime Anywhere file accessCarbonite is a leader in mobile access to your data, and with their Anytime Anywhere apps available for iPhones, iPads, Android and Blackberry phones, you will have access to your backed up data anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Administrative Console

Carbonite's Dashboard allows you to quickly see the backup status of your company's computers. You'll be able to see how much space the entire company is using, how many computers each employee is backing up, how much space each employee is using, and when their last backup was successfully completed.

The Dashboard will also notify you if you're about to run out of backup space, or if a computer hasn't successfully backed up in some time. This is also the spot where you can invite users to download and install Carbonite on their own computer.


Carbonite's business backup support is US-based, available 8am to midnight EST via phone, online chat & email. In addition to this, they also offer a support center which offers video tutorials, how-to guides and troubleshooting tips.


Carbonite's Small Business backup system costs $229 / year for 250GB of backup space, or $599 / year for their Business Premier package, which includes 500 GB of backup space and can handle Microsoft Windows Server backups. Additional storage is $46 / year for 50GB, or $89 / year for 100 GB.

  1. This is actually good for small businesses. More options like these will eventually bring more reliable but affordable products

  2. Basically, backup

  3. It’s unfortunate that Carbonite doesn’t offer a true exchange backup. They only say use some 3rd party tool to make a backup locally – then backup that local copy. So, Carbonite doesn’t offer a true Exchange (or SQL) backup, nor any type of mailbox recovery or granular backup of Exchange.

    And don’t forget restore times. Since Carbonite uses Amazon S3 service to store all your data, they can bandwidth throttle like crazy. Having tested their software, their restore times are insane. Restore 1GB takes upwards to 24 hours (on a 20mbps down/6mbps up link). Restoring a few files, which in most cases, is typical for an emergency, is fast enough – but if you need 1,2,3GB….better plan on waiting.

  4. Their business backup service is awful.

    In over 6 months only 27gb of data has been backed up despite a business class internet connection, an always-on computer, and paying for 600 gb of storage ($595).

    Customer support verified that my anti-virus and firewall are setup properly, but beyond that essentially just uninstall/reinstall the program which has not helped.

    I have spent hours on hold with customer support and at this point am chalking this up to a loss and moving on.

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