How To Spot a Livedrive Reseller

LivedriveThere are dozens of online backup services out there, and it seems we hear of 1-2 new ones each week. While we’re working on bringing more of them onto this site, we keep finding many of these companies are nothing more than resellers of Livedrive.

Livedrive has a Reseller program which allows anyone with $60 to start their own online backup service. But as we’ve seen with Backify, things don’t always end well.

When we saw Mowbe (really? Mowbe? Moby? Mozy… I see what you did there) launch recently, we immediately checked out their website. Right away, we knew it was a Livedrive Reseller. How?


Livedrive reseller’s don’t hide the fact that they have this briefcase feature, and they don’t bother giving it a new name, either. When you see briefcase as a feature, it’s a good sign you’re looking at a Livedrive reseller.

Standard Icons

When you’re building a business on $60 / month, you probably don’t have the time, resources, or care to create new icons or be creative when listing features:

Livedrive Reseller Icons

Livedrive Reseller Icons

Mentions of Livedrive

When copy & pasting text from the Livedrive website to their own, many Livedrive resellers sometimes forget to put their own company name in! For example, from
Mowbe Livedrive reseller

We need to update our Livedrive review, but when we last tried it, the service was pretty miserable. Then the CEO made some libelous statements about us on their site (don’t worry, we saved a copy of it). But, when we reexamine this service, we’ll try to ignore the past and give it a fair chance.


7 Responses to “How To Spot a Livedrive Reseller”

  1. willemijns says:

    I agree except than IMHO I generally do not give a second chance when they was too many errors ^^

  2. mark says:

    Yes we are a Livedrive reseller.

    I know some people have had an issue with ‘Liverdrive’ reseller’s that offer the product for free (which is not allowed any more). Also I believe there support is pretty lacking in all departments.

    We don’t offer Livedrive products for free, as we believe that customers need support and that takes time and resources. Although we have a ticket system with a 1 hour max. turn around, you can call us. We want you to use the ticket system, as calls get processed / tracked quicker through the ticket system, if all our support team are on other calls.

    Why not give us a try with the 14day trial period.

    Mark Carr

  3. mark says:

    Could you gives us a review based on Mowbe and not liverdrive, please.

    As we believe are support is second to none.


    mark carr

  4. […] Probably not. They were a Livedrive reseller but are already shut down. Where have we seen that before? (Hint: Backify) Dear […]

  5. Mike says:

    If something is too good to be true, then it is. “sell unlimited online backup to unlimited customers for a flat fee of $59.95/month” – it cannot be true. If you just think about it for 1 minute, you know it is fake, it is a trap. If this ever worked well for just one reseller, then all other online backup service providers would be out of business.

    Online backup is a commodity market now. There is too much competition and little profit. Reselling online backup service usually does not work well. The profit margin is very thin, the commission rate is low, and the service price is also low, so a reseller can barely make any money.

  6. RalphF says:

    Actually you cannot have a reseller business with Livedrive for 60.00. Why? Because for 60.00 you don’t get any co-branding or white label feature. So why would anyone spend 60/mo on a LD reseller program when you can’t hide their name (for the 60/mo)? This just doesn’t make any sense. All of these LD resellers who have not coughed up the hundreds of Dollars needed for a co-brand or white label can’t be that stupid (can they?).

  7. Simon says:

    I actually think that co-branding and white label are not required. One could simply pay $60 a month and sell Livedrive accounts to their friends for $5 a month as compared to $6 offered by Livedrive. If he/she has 12 friends signing up then the rest is profit? Is it not?

    I think this is just another marketing strategy much like direct sales and I don’t see anything wrong with it as customers gets cheaper deals and resellers get to make money. The only risk I could see is if LiveDrive is somehow limiting the resources their reseller gets. Or that the reseller is struggling to support his/her customers, which is unlikely if one only sells to his/her friends.

    Any opinion? I wonder why so many LiveDrive resellers shut down?

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